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Our Services

Take the hassle and stress out of filing your taxes by putting the process into our capable hands. We will put our combined 30 years of experience to work for you, offering a full range of filing services, from preparing documents and creating a personalized folder, to processing advances on your refund.

Our History

When our company first started years ago, it was just my wife and I working out  of our home. Today, the company has grown, but we remain focused on offering top notch service to each and every one  of our customers.

We work hard to fulfill the tax needs of our clients and becuase of this have retained a loyal following of repeat customers who appreciate the time and effort we put into preparing their tax returns. We feel that this is a testament to our dedication and quality of service.


Real Estate Services

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home, our real estate team has the knowledge you need to assist with one of the most important decisions you face in life. We are focused on making your dream of owning a home a reality. FHA and down payment assistance programs available.  Call today with your questions. 


The Goal

It is our mission to help you prepare and file your taxes by making the process easy-to-understand. We explain to you the steps that we take in readying your taxes, as well as steps to prepare for next year's tax season. We offer tips and strategies on how to save money, how to get a home, and more.  


Hours of Operation
About Us

Days/ Dias                                   Opens / Abrimos      Closes /  Cerramos     

Monday / Lunes                            from 9 am  to  5 pm 

Tuesday / Martes                          from 9 am  to  5 pm 

Wednesday / Miercoles               from 9 am  to  2 pm 

Thursday / Jueves                         from 9 am  to  5 pm 

Friday / Viernes                             from 9 am  to  4 pm 

Saturday / Sabado                        from 9 am  to  4 pm

Sunday / Domingo                         Appointment Only 

Our Philosophy 

Hardy Hill Tax Services of Houston, Texas, is your source for timely and accurate tax preparation. Our philosophy is that no one's time is as important to you as your time. That is why we always strive to complete our filing services quickly and thoroughly.


12004 E Hardy Rd., Houston, TX 77039

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